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Something New

I have returned! After a long absence—which may have been related to writer's block—I finally have a new book coming out, so I've returned to making book teasers.

Today's visual advice for authors is about a new program for creating author teasers: Covers Sell Books, which I'll call CSB from now on.

This site is strictly for creating book teasers and 3D book images. Currently, you can get three downloads for free every month. The features on the free site are limited, but you get a more features/choices on the paid version.

Here's my step by step experience using the free version. First, you have to create an account, but no credit card is required. Then there are three options at the top.

FB Image Creator are pre-made templates that only require your book cover and text. The simplest option for a new teaser, but the Custom Creator isn't much more work and you'll get a more individualized graphic.3D Book Creator is what it says. You can create 3D paperback, …

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